Our Story

Stock & Boer Leather Co. was created from a life long interest of leather goods. After learning to craft leather items out of the highest quality full-grain leathers, the founder, Elan needed somewhere to share his handmade leather creations. Having seen the mass-produced, low-quality leathers that fill most outlets today, the demand for our brand was clear. The founder used his Marketing background and created the Stock & Boer Leather Co.

About our brand

The Stock & Boer Leather Co. logo was created to represent all that we love about leather, old-world luxury and yet accessible to earliest of man. The simple and functional nature of leather goods is represented in our brand. The image of the farmers dog represents our link with early hunters, the first leather crafters. These crafters did so out of function but what came from this is more than sheer necessity. Our leathers combine the function of leather's humble beginning with the undeniable look and feel of a finished handcrafted product.

Our Leathers 

As those of us who love this incredible material know, not all leathers are created equal. We exclusively source the highest quality leather from around the world. These leather goods are created with hand tools in New Zealand.  


Horween Dublin Leather

Horween Chromexcel Leather