Collection: Handmade Leather Wallets


Your wallet Is an extension of you. It's a companion that stays with you every day. Make it a piece that matters, speaks to your character, and will age with you. 

A handmade leather wallet that stands the test of time will need to be durable, rugged, and hand-stitched just like your grandfather's piece. 

Stock & Boer Leather Co. has you covered.

Our specialty is crafting handmade leather wallets that will stay with you, develop a patina, and mold to your use. We want to live in a world where your custom wallet can be passed on to your children.

Each of our leather wallets is handcrafted with the highest quality full grain leather and saddle stitched to produce a strong traditional leather wallet that can take a lifetime of hard use. 

Our Handmade leather Wallet collection offers a range of styles to complement every lifestyle. From our most rugged No. 2 Frontiersman Leather Bifold Wallet to our minimalist wallet, the No. 1835 TREKKER Front Pocket Wallet. We have you covered.

The first of our pieces is the  No. 1 Wrangler Leather Card Holder. Perfect for the minimalist at heart, this sleek and stylish card holder boasts a large cash fold and six main card slots with an extra hidden side pocket under each side for extra functionality. Offering compact design without compromising on functionality this traditional slimfold card wallet is a classic addition to any man's daily carry. Handmade using the famous Horween Chromexcel leather, this wallet will be a statement piece. See the No.1 Wrangler Card Holder.

If you want a little more grit, take our most rugged and durable piece, the No. 2 Frontiersman Leather Bifold Wallet. Handcrafted with rugged durability in mind and a star seller, these custom wallets exude timeless charm while accommodating all your essentials. Crafted with our range of full grain leather, we offer a tailored approach here. Personalise your own with a choice of Horween Chromexcel, Horween Dublin, or our rugged Wild African Kudu leathers with a choice of stitching colour options. Customise your own wallet sections to match your lifestyle, a coin pouch, or additional three card slots. See the No. 2 Frontiersman Leather Bifold Wallet.

For those who appreciate the old-school method of carrying cash and coins check out our No. 3 Pioneer Billfold Coin Wallet. Designed with a love of the days when cash was king and all you needed was a few bills and space for your coins. The inclusion of a coin pouch elevates the convenience factor while taking you back to a simpler time. See our No. 3 Pioneer Billfold Coin Wallet.

Intrepid adventurers will find a companion in our No. 4 Journeyman Passport Wallet. As a perfect addition to any traveler's kit, this leather travel wallet safeguards your essentials with a touch of rugged class. Handrafted with multiple compartments, these wallets ensure seamless organisation during any adventure you take it on. Given the needs of the modern globtrotter, this card and cash wallet is designed to carry passports, travel tickets, credit cards, and boarding passes. Grab your own No.4 Journeyman for all your travel needs. See the No. 4 Journeyman Passport Wallet.

Embrace minimalism without compromising on rugged style with our No. 1835 Trekker Front Pocket Wallet. Engineered for function, this leather minimalist wallet effortlessly slides into your front pocket. Designed with a single durable piece of leather wrapped around creates four slots ensuring easy access to your cards and folded cash.  This wallet offers ample space with a minimal aesthetic. See the No. 1835 Trekker Front Pocket Wallet.

At Stock & Boer Leather Co. we understand that personalized touches make gifts extra special. Our range of handmade leather wallets allows you to add a distinctive touch by customising them for the needs of the wearer making them perfect leather gifts for him.