Collection: No. 1835 TREKKER Front Pocket Wallet

Handcrafted for the modern man. Those who take what they need and nothing more. Our range of No. 1835 Trekker Front Pocket offers a leather minimalist wallet solution for the practical man. Handmade from durable full-grain leather, showing the full character of the hide, this slim card holder is engineered to reduce pocket bulk while providing ample space for your cards and cash. 

Each of our handmade leather wallets is crafted from our curated range of full grain leathers. Each embodies the rugged style of traditional wallet craft. Claim your piece in wild African Kudu or classic Horween Chromexcel, each will reflect your style and character with age.

With a simple one-piece wrap-around design with thick minimal stitching, this slim wallet will last a lifetime and age beautifully with each day of use. We want to live in a world where your wallet can be passed on. Start a family tradition with your first piece. 

Our No. 1835 Trekker Front Pocket Wallets are designed for the modern classic man. One who appreciates function, practicality, and a simple durable construction. It's not just a wallet, it's a statement of classic style and old world charm. Enhance your everyday carry with the No. 1835 Trekker Front Pocket Wallet.