Collection: Handmade Leather Belts


Handcrafted with a focus on rugged durability, our handmade leather belts are built to wear. With a durable, thick, full grain leather one-piece design and solid brass belt buckles, this belt will last a lifetime of use. This is a thick belt, built to handle any situation you throw at it. Trust in this belt every day, it will age with character and rugged charm. 

A man's belt stays with him perhaps more than any other leather accessory. It is a statement piece, one that pulls your look together, one that brings contrast to your other leather goods, and one that ultimately performs the utility and function it was designed for almost five millennia ago.

Our flagship No. 8 Vaquero Full Grain Leather Belt is made with world-famous vegetable-tanned Horween Leathers, both the characterful Dublin leather and immensely popular Chromexcel leather. Whether you enjoy the classic charm of a black leather belt or the casual style of a tan or light brown leather belt, Stock & Boer Leather Co. has you covered. 

Each rugged vegetable tanned belt is crafted for the classic, stylish man who appreciates a strong thick belt. It adds a rugged charm to any outfit whether it's casual jeans, leather jackets, or a classic jacket, It's a statement of enduring craftsmanship and style. Wear it with pride and let it gather patina gracefully, building character with each day.